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Preparing for spring: windows


New England will hopefully be enjoying an early spring this year. With the possibility of warmer weather coming, it's the perfect time to start thinking about saving energy at home while staying comfortable. 

Replacement windows
Quality windows can vastly improve energy efficiency and comfort throughout the year. Windows with glazings and other coatings are better at blocking heat to keep the inside of the house cool. Energy-efficient window panes maintain a tight seal, keeping warm air outside and blocking excess heat from the sun. Vinyl window frames are more durable, and maintain a proper seal unlike old wooden frames, which become warped and leak over time. 

Window treatments
Many homeowners don't consider how well blinds, shutters and shades can help save energy when installed. According to Realty Today, they can be very effective and economical when it comes to improving comfort at home. By keeping excessive sunlight out, these treatments help keep a room cool so you don't have to use as much energy when it's hot outside. Blinds are effective at keeping warm air out in the spring and summer.

Exterior blinds can provide shade when they're closed all the way, and you can open them to let in as much or as little sunlight as you like. Interior blinds can close, reducing heat from sunlight. Dual shades are reversible. The dark side absorbs heat while the light side reflects it. In the spring, face the light side out to reflect sunlight away, and the room will stay cool without blasting the air conditioner.

For the home's exterior, vinyl siding, replacement windows and window treatments can dramatically improve a home's comfort, curb appeal and energy efficiency. New England contractors, architects and homeowners count on Mercury Excelum's quality exterior products to help save energy throughout the year. Contact us for a brochure on all of our products.


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